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صور لي هفاء وهبي و زوجها



هل سيتم اعتقال هيفاء وهبي بسبب صور الاحمدية ؟

ينشر لنضال الأحمدية صوراً لها عبر مواقع إلكترونية مع رجل في أوضاع بدت حميمة، فأقدمت على الفور على تحريك ملف قد يؤدي إلى سجن الفنانة هيفاء وهبي



Whether you've seen her in a magazine or in concert, on TV or the web, Haifa Wehbe broke through to become one of the most sought after, talked about, and admired star of her generation. Fan or not, dazzled or just curious, here you are back for more! We've all heard stories of an artist's rise to fame being an arduous uphill battle. Not for Haifa Wehbe. As fortune would have it, and as all in her entourage have witnessed along the years, Haifa Wehbe was born under a lucky star. She was no different than most young girls who dream of a career under the spotlight and think it unreachable. Nobody had any inkling of her stardom to come. But at only sixteen, Haifa Wehbe won the title of Miss South Lebanon and a couple of years later even went on to be runner up for MTV's 1995 Miss Lebanon. Needless to say, armed with her dazzling charm and sensuous beauty, Haifa's modeling career took of like wild fire. Since then she has appeared in over three hundred magazine covers worldwide.